Brazilian drummer/percussionist/composer, Simone traced her adventures around the world starting in her home town Sao Paulo, melting pot of an extended musical scene. The vast brazilian territory revealed a precious source of cultural aspects in front of her eyes, where Simone explored from north to south making music, discovering the variety of expressions throughout the country and transforming them into elements for her music full of imagination, rhythmical combinations, contrasts and creativity.

Music is the magic passport to learn about the world. Traveling through Brazil, Europe, U.S.A, Japan, China, Egypt, Australia, Cape Verdi, Jordania, Thailand, New Zeland enriched Simones inspiration, making her a world citizenin her soul, caring a drum in her back everywhere as a determined working ant, collecting and sharing life experience.

S.O.S Bras Beat is Simone’s second cd.

The cd presents Simone’s compositions based on her roots, blending her urban drum style with brazilian rhythms, world beats, soundscapes, melodies inspired in indigenous singing from northeast Brazil and creative percussion sounds.
With guest musicians from Holland, Moldavia, Romenia, Belgium and Brazil, the cd brings instrumental themes and songs about the human nature and enviroment.


Listen here for some tracks >>