Singer/composer from Paraiba (northeast Brazil), Chico is one of the most expressive artists in Brazil. Creative and daring, Chico is an inovative poet/song writer and guitar player.

Simone plays with him since 1992,when Chico started to become well known in Brazil, playing everywhere in the country as a duo, later with a bigger band. With him Simone travelled the world, playing in big festivals, TV programs and world tours.

Chico inspired Simone to invent her own way to play , using different set ups, from traditional percussion to drumkits.

Simone recorded in some of Chicos Cds and live performances that became the DVDs: De uns tempos pra ca” – with Paraiba string Quintet – and Estado de Poesia.

Now she joins Chicos band in concerts when she is back in Brazil.